Installation FAQ

  1. Why I can't make AutoCount Accounting to use the Microsoft SQL Express I downloaded from Microsoft web site?
  2. Why my server name is mostly specified as \A2006, why it is not ?
  3. During create new account book or attach account book, why I can't find my server name appears in the Get Available Server list?
  4. I had selected server but there is no data available when I click on Get Available Database while attaching account book.
  5. I had selected server but I get "Error while connecting to SQL Server"error message when I click on Get Available Database to attach account book.
  6. How do I add exception to Windows Firewall?
  7. How do I add open third party anti-virus or anti-spam software firewall?
  8. How to attach an account book?
  9. How to restore without backup after I had formatted my PC?
  10. Can I transfer my master data such as customer, supplier, and item data from UBS to AutoCount Accounting?
  11. What are the differences between Product ID and Account Book Registration Code?
  12. How to install AutoCount Accounting in network environment?
  13. When I install AutoCount Accounting, why do I get an error message similar to this message: Error 1935. An error occurred during the instllation of assembly "DevExpress. XtraRichText Edit.v7.1, Version="", PublicKeyToken="79868b8147b5eae4", culture-'neutral," HRESULT=0x8002802 ?