Satva Sdn.Bhd.

Satva Sdn.Bhd., started as a retail merchant in 1998, has ventured into wholesale distribution business in 2002. Over the year, the company has built extensive networks of over 2700 retail as well as wholesales customers in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Now representing several principals and factories in distributing their products, ranging from detergents, biscuits, beverages, instant noodles, coffee powder to tit-bits with offices and warehouses spreading across the region.

The company has a total of over 40000 square foot warehousing capacity, over 20 delivery trucks and vans and sales teams of over 24 representatives.

In 2012, the company opened its office in KL, representing Mady Organic in distributing organic and natural products throughout Malaysia.


To become the leading distributor in Malaysia.

Our mission

With our suppliers: "to establish win-win partnership relationship, enhance long-term sales growth and facilitate marketing and promotional strategy in this dynamic retail environment."

With our customers: "to provide reliable delivery and consistent personal sales services, and to market products by giving advices and helps on displays and ensuring products cleanliness and are sellable."

With our consumers: "to ensure good quality products to be available at any place, any time, and reasonable priced."

With our teams: "to give proper training, and to provide good working environment with satisfying income growth."