Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SCR takes pride in giving back to the community, for the people are a major part of our stakeholders. Now and again, we take time off our business basics to contribute to those who are less fortunate. We believe that giving back is important for us to move forward.
“As one we may be small, but together we can achieve great things.”
If there are whichever ways in which you would like to contribute, volunteer or participate in our CSR projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Date: 12th – 14th July 2012

12 staff of SCR Corporation Head Office in Kuching headed to Sibu to carry out their first ever outstation Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

Upon their arrival that morning, the SCR team visited the old folks of Benevolent Society. Apart from sponsoring dry goods and necessities for the home, the team interacted with the old people at the home, chatting and getting them up from their beds to have a stroll. The team also served lunch and helped them with their meals. Many of the stories heard and a few old folks’ cases were saddening, but to see them trying their best to stay strong and live their lives was a true learning point.

By afternoon, the SCR team headed to SCR Xpress at Giant, Sibu to welcome 26 children from Methodist Children Home. Children were divided into groups for mini competitions, such as puzzles and mathematics games. Following that, dinner was served. All the children were very disciplined and seated orderly, as they lowered their heads and said their prayers. When they were finished, all of them cleared their own plates and even helped the restaurant staff to clean up.

Many of the children have family problems, or are orphans. Despite whatever difficulties they may have faced, all the children were so cheerful and well-behaved there was no reflection of that. These kids are truly an inspiration. Prizes were given out to winning teams, and all the happy children received goodie bags and balloons.

This trip has been meaningful knowing we made a difference for the community. But more importantly is the real valuable experience we had with the old folks and children, and the stronger bond that has formed among our SCR family. We look forward to contributing more in future.