The Business

SCR Restaurant

SCR, previously and more notably known as Singapore Chicken Rice, is a chain of restaurant outlets based in Kuching, Sarawak. Since its birth in 1987, SCR Corporation Sdn. Bhd. has grown to become one of East Malaysia’s biggest home grown food names. Operations started out with only a 1,200 sq. feet air-conditioned lot in Jalan Song Thian Cheok. Over the years, due to continuous support from all our stakeholders, especially staff, suppliers and customers, the company now boasts a total of 30 outlets to date.

Today, SCR outlets are known as family restaurants that are dedicated to its people; pledged by our motto “Our Promise of Quality, Service & Taste”

Our motto “Our Promise of Quality, Service & Taste” suggests our passion and emphasis on:

Quality – We ensure the freshness of our ingredients and raw materials in order to provide customers with top quality products that exude excellent appearance, texture, and flavour.

Service – Service is complementary to our food offering. We aim to offer a pleasant dining experience by enhancing the level of our customer satisfaction to meet expectations.

Taste – Our secret recipe is continually improved as we seek perfection, while we often revise our menu to create an assortment of innovative dishes to satisfy varying demands.

SCR places much importance on their quality management systems and their efforts have been proven to meet global standards. By obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, SCR has the ability to offer quality products that meet requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. The success of the company can be attributed to the foresight of its management and the dedication of its staff.

SCR Xpress

In early 2007, SCR Xpress was introduced as another unique dining experience with a distinct blend of the old and new menu. Following the same philosophy that made SCR ubiquitous, SCR Xpress aspires to provide scrumptious food, while offering an environment that exudes warmth and freshness for maximum dining pleasure. SCR Xpress is stylish and fine yet affordable with better value for money; perfect for families and friends to dine, entertain and spend quality time.

Ambience Our restaurants are cozy with a great homely ambience that is perfect for everyday meals and family gatherings, yet our stylishly decorated surroundings are suitable for many other types of events.

Distinctive Even though quality of food is our main priority, each dish is carefully crafted to enhance its distinctive characteristics. From the basis of the food design, tableware and presentation to new flavours and textures, there is always a little something different.

Value With the provision of a classy atmosphere and high quality of food served, you will expect to pay much more. However, our menus are reasonably priced to provide value for our customers. You can be sure your dining experience will be money well spent.